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The pandemic forced us to cancel Camp, which created an existential crisis about who we were if not a Camp. So we turned to our community for guidance to shape our next steps. A prominent theme that emerged was the idea that instead of waiting for Camp to return, we should redirect our insights on human connection toward addressing the evolving needs of the city and its social recovery. 

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A Love Letter to Little Jamaica

In the summer of 2023, we welcomed seven youth from the Little Jamaica community to participate in the Reset Residency program. The Residency was conceived as a learning and healing journey for those participating, with the ultimate goal of them gifting their community a cultural experience which they named 'A Love Letter to Little Jamaica.' This experience featured performances, dialogues, and free culinary delights, all dedicated to honoring the rich cultural heritage of the community and strategizing ways to preserve and enhance it in the face of various challenges contributing to its erosion. Funding for the Residency was provided by the City of Toronto's Cultural Hotspot program and sponsored tickets for the Residency to join Camp Reset were provided by Camp Walden.

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One Big Hug 

In October 2022, Reset hosted 'One Big Hug' in Little Jamaica, setting a new world record for the most nations and nationalities participating in a group hug.

The concept of a 'nation' is complex and challenging, but the hug's intention was straightforward: to collaboratively create a potent symbol of unity during both a time of racial challenges and the pandemic. In total, Torontonians, representing 82 different nationalities, joined in the hug, surpassing the previous record of 72. Reset worked in partnership with various local organizations to orchestrate a day-long, free family festival on the day of the hug, which was aimed at addressing disconnection and fostering new connections within the community.