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Introducing a new coworking concept that integrates a wellness lens into work through a combination of play, digital wellness and care centered design. Open Monday - Friday from 8:30 AM - 6:30 PM and proudly located in Little Jamaica at 634 Vaughan Road

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Reset is for those who:

  • Want to belong to a community.

  • Want more play and rest in their lives. 

  • Want to improve their focus and flow.

  • Want to change their relationship with their phone. 

  • Believe we need to change the status quo of our work culture. 

  • Believe work should be designed to light them up instead of burn them out. 

After your first day or tour with us, you'll receive an invitation to purchase for one our packages. We don't provide this option until someone has visited Reset at least once. 

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About Recess

Everyday there will be a 30 minute “recess” in the morning and the afternoon during which you'll be offered a spectrum of optional independant and communal programming options such as dance, crafts, journaling, puzzles and games. Imagine the workspace becoming a choose-your-own-adventure playground and everyone has agency to participate however they wish, in some form of play and/or rest


Play is a powerful tool, and doorway to shaping workplace cultures rooted in care, creativity, experimentation, wellbeing, and equity. Yet, play has been minimized in adulthood as meaningless and not serious for success and in the workplace as foosball tables and monthly team building events, rather than at the center of how we live. Research consistently shows, however, that playing in adulthood is not only a matter of health, but is the very thing that energizes us and opens us to new possibilities. 

From January to March, Reset is available for free evening and weekend private bookings for youth, community groups, artists and activists. Priority will be given to those from or in relations with Little Jamaica but we encourage everyone to reach out to if interested. 

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