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We are passionate about connection and believe that addressing disconnection is the first domino to solving every other challenge, be it individual or collective. Our method is designing phone-free experiences and we have now done over 60 camps, pop-ups and interventions since 2015.

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We create digital detox experiences and education because we believe our relations with our devices are a huge source of our individual and collective disconnection:

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Reset is a social enterprise that was birthed in 2015.​

​We are attempting to address feelings on disconnection and divide in communities through providing resets at our Camp Reset, Community Centre and within organizations. We facilitate our resets through digital detoxing and creating experiences informed by justice and play, or just play
Reset was founded in 2015 and its original form was an adult digital detox summer - Camp Reset - that was hosted every summer from 2015-2019 in southeastern Ontario. In total, we hosted seven multi-day camps that ranged in size from 30-300 people. 
When the pandemic began and we canceled Camp, we used the unanticipated time and space to explore how we could apply our learnings from our camps towards the much-needed social recovery in our cities. Given our experiences around fostering connection, we felt we had a role to play at a time of mass disconnection. 
This need combined with insights from a community engagement process resulted in the creation of the Pop-Up Playground, which was an audio experience created by +80 artists, researchers, psychologists, designers and volunteers who were collectively trying to answer the question, “How might we reverse the culture of social distancing?” 
The success of the playgrounds, coupled with the research conducted with those who attended them,  led to our next two initiatives in the city: the Reset Community Centre and One Big Hug. 

These activities are led by a Collective, governed by a Board and guided by our advisors, as well as the Reset and local communities