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Our Community Living Room has spaces to play, rest, eat and work in order to reconnect to the land, yourself and your communties.

Community Coworking

A playful place to work in Toronto that is exploring new approaches to work including plenty of options for play and rest like our sauna, optional dance breaks and art forest. Monday and Tuesday from 9am - 6pm, drop in, no RSVP required and pay-what-you-can when you leave.

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Photo: Thefifographer

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Photo: Anushay Sheikh

Art Forest

Artisan Sauna

Phone Lockers

Cozy Coworking

Plants & Tiny Trees

Consent Orientated

Lots of Places to Rest

Optional Dance Breaks

Seating for Different Bodies

Tools to Practice Imagination

Ambivert & Introvert Informed

Unlimited Coffee, Tea & Popcorn

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What's This All About? 

Since March 2022, we have been prototyping new models for community wellbeing in an old general store located at 634 Vaughan Road. There have been many iterations but each shared the same intention to address our experiences with disconnection, isolation and loneliness. Our latest version is exploring a Community Living Room model, which is a promising solution to the decline of affordable and accessible 3rd spaces.


Some key elements of our Living Room include: 

  • There are lots of options and ways to play and rest.  

  • Almost everything runs on a pay-what-you-can model.

  • We have a one-of-a-kind Sauna created by Simone Jones. 

  • There are lockers where you can lock up your personal devices.

  • We can drop a dance party at any moment and we highly encourage you to ask us to prove this. 


If you have any questions or are curios to learn more, you're welcome to visit us or reach out to

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Saunas. Art. Community.


If you're the kind of person who cherishes all of these, then this intimate "Un-Panel" at Reset's Living Room is tailor-made for you. More info and limited tickets available here.


Special Event:

On Saturday, November 11th from 2pm - 6pm, we are hosting Poetry Play - a gathering that includes opportunities for connection with self and community with poetry, dance, solitude, sauna and more. Tickets $16 - $26. Get yours here.

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Private Events

Are you interested in hosting an event in our Living Room? We regularly host teams, families and friends  seeking a unique space for connection for public and private events. Our base rate without programming is $100 per hour or pay what you can. Email us to book.

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Photo: Thefifographer

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Photo: Anushay Sheikh

Community Meditation

Led by our friend Kiona from Brownhills Wellness, join us for meditations that foster inner stillness, self-healing and outer balance for every individual. Wednesday at 6pm and Sundays at 11 am, pay-
what-you-can when you leave. RSVP here.

A note about lineage....

We initially learned about the concept of a Community Living Room from similar projects led by the Centre for Social Innovation Regent Park , the Daniels Corporation and !Kona from Black Chat Vancouver. It is also important that we acknowledge the braoder movement of those exploring "third spaces" designed to address our increasing disconnection. Furthermore, our inspiration is drawn from various bodies of work, including, but not limited to, the writings of adrienne maree brown, bell hooks, Priya Parker, Jane Jacobs, Robert D. Putnam, Valerie Kaur, Arundhati Roy and Audre Lorde. Additionally, this idea has been significantly influenced and inspired by the Reset Community, the Little Jamaica community and the City of Toronto's Cultural District Program that is being led by Jay Pitter Placemaking. Finally, we would like to acknowledhe the City of Toronto's Cultural Hotspot and Main Street Innovation programs for their respective financial contributions to our prototypes that preceded and deeply informed our Living Room.

Sweat or Scream

Enjoy our whimsical and wonderful one-of-kind sauna created by Simone Jones and previously mounted at Artspin's Public Sweat exhibit. The Sauna is available for public and private sweats and we are also offering it as a "scream room" for those processing grief and needing a space to really let it out.

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Reset is located in Little Jamaica in the city of Toronto on Turtle Island.  

Turtle Island was initially inhabited by Indigenous Nations. Toronto or Tkaronto was the lands of the Mississaugas of the Anishinaabe, the Haudenosaunee Confederacy and the Wendat. We acknowledge their enduring presence, right to self-determination and sovereignty and the same for all First Nation, Metis and Inuit people.

Little Jamaica developed through waves of Jamaican immigration in the mid-20th century, as Jamaican immigrants settled in the city, bringing their culture and establishing a vibrant community. Reset is grateful to be located in this community and strives to be in solidarity with those here first and whose cultures we are building on and benefitting from.
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