Weird, Wondrous & Whimsical

Finding joy and delight through mystery and mischief


We believe we can grow through challenging societal norms and playing at the intersection of chaos and joy.

We strive to create micro experiences that are fun and exhilarating for both the participants and the creators. We believe that everyone should be comfortable with their weird-whimsical- wildside.  We hope to cultivate a space where participants can embrace these wondrous attributes.

Participants who are exposed to the Weird, Wondrous & Whimsical track’s activations and experiences will walk away having reawakened their curiosity, creativity, and sense of wonder. The lasting effects of the increased levels of brain-derived neurotrophic factors that come with being playful and marvelling in wonder, will ultimately transform participants in a way that is categorically, unequivocally, and indisputably positive.



Calling all Pranksters, Improvisors, and Shit-disturbers - this is the track for you. We are on the lookout for Captains of Chaos and Shenanigan Supporters to help execute our vision!
We invite contributors to help us realize and take ownership of all the weird, wondrous and whimsical plans, plots, and pranks we have in store for participants. You probably want to have some examples of what we will be doing. Unfortunately, you'll have to wait. The first rule of Weird, Wonderous & Whimsical club is that you do not talk about the Weird, Wonderous & Whimsical club. If you're tingling with anticipation by having to wait to know what we will be up to, you're probably exactly who we are looking for.


We are looking for...

Activation leads who will design and lead an activation under track theme.
Activation supporters who will support the vision of an activation being led by track leaders.


If you have any questions, please contact


Your track leaders are Pacs and Fletch.



When he’s not warping the young impressionable minds of teenagers when they are most vulnerable, as a high school teacher, Fletch enjoys pondering the age-old question… “Why are raspberry Slush Puppies blue?”
Fletch was attracted to the Weird, Wonderous & Whimsical track because he loves 30 second body tingles and it’s a way to spread those kinda feels through kickass activations.

His hobbies include giving financial advice to first graders, writing novels, learning how to handstand, and walk-dancing in public. He’s most compatible with Monkeys and Dragons, if you believe that stuff.


An insatiable appetite for adventure (and delicious food) is what drives Ryan to create unique experiences that allow for curiosity and delight to bloom. Blind pizza tastings and museum selfie scavenger hunts to name a few. Drawing on experience from his alter ego “#festivalbae”, Pacman hopes to inject a little bit of organized chaos into Reset.