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Are you looking for a creative approach to improve connection and culture in your organization?  We've got you covered.   Bring a pop-up playground to your next team meeting - perfect for workshops, team building, and workplace reintegration. 


book a team playground

Pop-Up Playgrounds can be hosted for groups from 10 - 1000 individuals, anywhere within the Greater Toronto Area.   Let our team of joy-experts lead your group through a guided audio adventure that brings smiles to faces and (re)connection to hearts.

Price: $30 + HST per person
Non-profits: $10 + HST per person

Run time: 45 minutes required

Location: anywhere within the GTA


We are creating virtual and custom playground experiences in 2022. Reach out to hello@thisisreset.org for more details. 

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team booking FAQ

  1. What is a Pop-Up Playground?
    At a  Pop-Up Playground, participants wear headphones and are guided through an audio journey where all participants are guided through an experience. They are taken through various activities that help them to connect to themselves and the group through imagination, and play in a safe and inclusive way.

    Think of it as a guided meditation, but instead of your focus meaning turned inward, it is turned outward toward the environment and fellow participants.  Some of the activities invite
    light movement, but nothing too strenuous and can easily adapt to everyone's needs and comfort levels.


  2. What kind of groups would benefit from a Pop-Up Playground?
    Workplaces that are seeking connection, team building, or just a brief moment of joy and relaxation will benefit from this experience.  For teams reintegrating with in-person  meetings, the Pop-Up Playground is great way to break the ice after a long period of social isolation.


  3. Where can a Playground be hosted?
    Any indoor or outdoor space that is flat and clear; your team must be comfortable to move around freely in it.  Don't have the space at your workplace?  We can suggest a public park nearby to create the perfect team field trip.


  4. How long will it take?
    The experience runs 30 minutes, and will require 45 minutes of your team's time in total.


  5. COVID Safety
    Your safety is our priority so we’re following all the provincial guidelines around gathering.  The experience allows for distance to be maintained at all times and your headphones will always be sanitized.

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