Sports and games for every sporter or gamer!


Team SPAMES (that’s a mashup of Sports & Games) is centred on creating memorable experiences that foster liberation from the physical boundaries of everyday life and connection beyond conversation. Our goal is to design activities that transverse skill and ability so that everyone can play the way they love to play, whether you’re athletic or clumsy, extroverted or introverted, a late-night basketball star or an expert puzzler, or something in between!


We are looking for...

Track contributors who can inspire us to engage differently and more holistically with our health and/or our relationship to mysticism. We welcome healing and/or mystical practices from all cultures, traditions, beliefs, lived, and professional experiences.


Activity Leads to envision, plan, organize, and execute group activities at Reset, whether for a smaller group (i.e., 15-20 participants), or a larger subset of Reset (i.e., 50+ participants). We’re raising the bar on creativity to co-create new and exciting experiences. You can gain inspo from your favourite board games, game shows, sporting events, the playground, or anywhere else. If chosen, the SPAMES Track Leaders will work closely with you to realize the full potential of your idea and ensure its success.

Activity Lead time requirement: ~2 hours bi-weekly + periodic check-ins


Activity Support team members to play a pivotal part in realizing Team SPAMES’ ideas and smooth execution, from the set-up of activities, dressing up, cleaning up, and everything in between! You’ll have the opportunity to work closely alongside SPAMES activity leaders.

Activity Support time requirement: 2-4 hours during Reset


We want to ensure that everyone who’s interested can be involved. Even if you’re not sure how you can help or don’t  know what activities or ideas you want to lead or support, give us a shout. Tell us about your skills , ideas and/or what roles interest you and we will find the right fit for you. If you have any questions, please contact

We’re super excited for you to join to our SPAMES family and can’t wait to hear your awesome ideas. Let’s create something magical together!

Your track leaders are Cocoa, Ginger, GOONS, and Spam.



Cocoa is a huge extrovert who loves to detox by curling up with a hot cup of cocoa and a book. His latest obsession is with the Disney movie Coco….but he’s a sucker for basically anything Disney related. Sports and Games have been a large part of Cocoa’s life, starting as a child. Cocoa believes that Sports and Games are important in everyday society to help individuals destress and to help create an environment of camaraderie. His goal at Reset is to help participants relive their favourite childhood moments and for individuals to form everlasting friendships through Sports and Games.


Michelle is an event and experience designer as well as creative facilitator who’s always on the lookout for ways to challenge herself. Michelle places an emphasis on play, creating meaningful connections, cocreation, and self acceptance. As one of four Sports and Games coleaders, Michelle is excited about cocreating experiences that transverse skill and ability.



GOONS, one of the four Spames Track Leaders, joins the 2018 Reset team with boundless enthusiasm and on the max setting of excitement! Fun-loving and overly optimistic, she loves staying active, going on adventures, and discovering new places and foods. Though, tbh, she seems to find joy in any activity at all!

Goons also enjoys making friends out of strangers, she's one of those people who'll find out her Uber driver's life story in a 10 minute ride. Oh, and if it feels like she's flirting with you, it's probably because she is. ;)


If Dave could live in an alternate reality, it would be a world where success is determined by wins at sports and games (either that or a world where Pokémon exists). Whether it’s an afternoon of soccer, or a late-night Settlers of Catan tournament, Dave is always up for an activity, whether it is in a competitive or casual capacity.

Dave believes in activity as it promotes physical and mental well-being and is a means of escaping the rules and constraints of the everyday routine. He is excited to bring the joys of sports and games to Reset.