Journey of Sound

The SoundTrack is the container within Reset in which a binding formula takes shape through the vibrations of sound. Whether you feel the music’s resonance on your body dancing to the rising sun, hear your innermost truth by listening to the beat of a human heart, or through co-created stillness tuned to the secret sound of nature. Wherever your imagination takes you, it is in the Experience of Sound (or lack of) that spirited fun-loving self-expression flourishes, connection morphs into growth, and your human experience expands.

Join this track and co-create group sound experiences, small intimate workshops and curiously abstract pop-up activations that connect people to their heart, body and mind.


We are looking for…

Track Contributors: Design and lead a sound experience at Reset (e.g. DJ an experience, lead a soundbath, lead a silent walk in the woods, coordinate the Reset choir or the Reset band, etc.)

Track Support: Support the planning and execution of sound experiences led by the Track Leaders. This includes logistics coordinators and project managers with interest/experience in the realm of sound!


Do this. Close your eyes, think of an inspiring sound experience. Now think how that would be in an alternate universe. Flip it on it’s head, shake it a little, and open your eyes to submit your enthusiastic participation in this track so that together, we can bring that alternative reality, into reality.

If you have any questions, please contact


Your track leaders are Turtle and Silver.



Turtle is returning to Reset with a mission and that is to bring joy through imaginative sound experiences. Some would say his love of music began early, listening to vibrations from inside the womb. There’s something magical about heart connections to the mind. Turtle believes sound is the bridge that brings the two together.

If you catch him in his shell, just turn up the bass or play the didgeridoo next to his ears to ignite a conversation about personal truth. He’s bald and bearded, and enthusiastically awaiting the memorable moments that will be co-created at Reset this year.


Silver’s first two years at Reset have reverberated through his entire life, and this year he’s on an ear-gasmic mission to co-create echoes in yours! Despite having a somewhat quiet personality, his passion for sound is loud af. Music has permeated his life, from car stereo competitions in his teens, to memorizing every word to every song (go ahead, challenge him), to all night dance parties, if it makes sound, Silver’s ears are tuned in.  His desire is to tickle as many of your five senses as possible through sound, vibration, cymatics, and maybe even synesthesia.  Join him (and Turtle) on this magical Soundtrack journey. If you’re having a hard time finding him, you didn’t check the dance floor…