Sex & Sensuality

Exploring Our Edges Through Intimacy


The Sex & Sensuality Track’s vision is to provide time and space to explore how the acceptance and embrace of our whole selves intersects with the connection to others. By setting the intention of being radically intimate - willing to be seen, truly seen, for who we are in all our glorious messiness - we hope participants will better see inside themselves and in others as they are invited to connect and co-create experiences that are sensual, erotic, romantic, expressive, creative, playful, kinky, wild, healing, funny, and ultimately empowering.

Our track affirms that relationships to sex & sensuality are complex, contextual, and unique. We will strive to create a space for each person’s need to heal or feel safe with a collective desire for pleasure. We acknowledge that connecting to the sexual and sensual self can emerge in many ways from opening our bodies through movement to awakening our senses through targeted stimulation to sharing our hearts through vulnerable dialogue. Within a non-judgmental space prioritizing accurate information and individual choice, we believe that there is potential for self-transformation that expands our perspectives on what we’ve been taught about our bodies, personal power, and ability to feel a spectrum of ecstasy.  


We are looking for

Track contributors who can create experiences, lead workshops, or host conversations for this track. We aspire to curate diverse experiences for all genders, sizes, ages, races, ethnicities, sexual orientations, cultures, abilities, faiths, and desires.


Feedback, thoughts, desires, fears, questions? Please send them to


Your track leaders are Tremble, Master G, Wacky Duck



Tremble is a new economy builder, experience designer, and diversity & inclusion advocate. For the last 6 years, Tremble has focused on local economic development through social enterprise models using anti-oppression, diversity and inclusion frameworks. With Reset, Tremble is curious to explore our inner worlds - how can human intimacy with oneself and others facilitate self-love, healing, and creativity? Tremble is not an expert on this subject and will draw on her lived experience and contributors and experts’ from within and outside of Reset community to imagine this track. Oh and Tremble eats ramen for breakfast.

Master G

Coming soon.

Wacky Duck

‘Wacky Duck’ was hatched while instructing young hockey summer campers on the finer points of snorkelling and his fellow counsellors found his last name impossible to pronounce. However, it wasn’t until he landed at his first Reset that Wacky understood what it meant to embrace this side of himself and truly soar. Turns out, it had nothing to do with flight and everything to do with spirit. Known for his love of labyrinth walking, Wacky finally felt truly seen by a community of peers. This Summer he aspires to use Track Leadership towards nurturing his personal edge of the sensual, erotic, and playful. He looks forwards to meeting the flock that will fly with him.