Reset is piloting a retreat centre from February to August 2022 in Oakwood Village that will be a destination for those craving community, connection and collective joy. The centre will be a digital detox space with daily programming intended to facilitate rest, connection and just play. 

We believe there is an urgent need for joy. So, with the support of our partners at Forty Two Communities, we are piloting this retreat centre for six months. If it appears as though we are creating benefits for the community within this period, we will transition from pilot to permanent.


We wanted to experiment with an offering that has the potential to help us heal, process our grief, and develop deeper relations, with ourselves, each other, and the world around us. 
And even if it doesn’t do any of these things, if there is one thing that the last few years have taught us, it is that we must make space for collective joy. Space to just play, just because.


  1. You can purchase a membership or a drop in pass. 

  2. When you arrive, hand in your personal technology devices. 

  3. Once that’s done: play, be or have free tea. 

  4. You can also participate in one of our daily dance parties at 7am or 7pm, the laugh circle at 6pm, or community offered programming


  • $0 for a cup of tea 

  • $10 for 1 hour of lounge time or dance party  

  • $300 for a Founding Membership 

  • We hope that members of our community will offer programming as well, however they are invited to offer their programming at a price of their preference. Please see below for more details.

What is the Reset Retreat Centre? 

The centre will be a phone free space for individuals and local organizations to access community, a communal space and programming all of which shares the common thread of play.

Where is the Centre?

The Centre is located at 634 Vaughan Road in an old convenient store that has been shared with us from 42 Communities. 

How do I attend a virtual information session?

 Information sessions will be hosted virtually on _, _, _.  They are 45 minutes long         and you can sign up here.

Can I come in for a tour and a tea?

The Centre is located at 634 Vaughan Road. Book a 20 minute tour and tea here


What is Founding Membership?

Being a Founding Member means that you are one of the 150 people who put their hands up first and at a time when there’s a lot to still figure out. Founding Memberships costs $300 for the entire 6 month pilot, payable at the beginning of the membership.


Being a Founding Members includes:

  • Unlimited use of our lounge space

  • 10 shareable tickets per month to a daily dance party ($100 value) 

  • A 3 hour private daytime booking of the centre ($500 value) 

  • 25% discount on community programming 

If the cost is prohibitive to you, we are open to value exchanges, bartering and other approaches to ensure that price is not a barrier so let’s have a conversation. 

Are drop in passes available?
Not into committing to membership but want to try it out? We got you! In the coming weeks we’ll be sharing a process around how to book space if you’re dropping in.

Can I provide my own programming? 

If you’re interested in providing programming, you’re welcome to bring your toys and games to the space. If you want to host something more akin to a workshop, training, etc, cool and  please reach out so we can explore! Any revenues directly from your offering would go directly to you.


Are you looking for any furniture? 

We need some things and before purchasing them, we thought we’d ask if you had any of the following (link) to share

Can I gift you a plan or tiny tree?

We need some things and before purchasing them, we thought we’d ask if you had any of the following (link) to share

What are your pandemic protocols?

We need some things and before purchasing them, we thought we’d ask if you had any of the following (link) to share

Is the Centre physically accessible?

The main floor of the space is physically accessible, however the bathroom on that floor is not AODA compliant. The lower level of the space is not physically accessible. We recognize that there is a wide spectrum of abilities and devices and we acknowledge that the majority of our team is able-bodied, so we ask you to please reach out to us ( with your preferred and required needs in advance of your visit so we can advise as to whether we can meet your needs. 


If you have more questions, please email us with them and we’ll send our answers back and add our answers to this page.