Dialogue that matters


Think about the last good conversation you had. Like, really good. The kind that gave you pause, ignited your creativity, or helped you to grow. Where were you? What did you talk about? Why did it feel so special? Were you on a road trip with friends? Spontaneously dropped into deep dialogue with the stranger sat next to you on a plane? Or perhaps gathered in spirited debate over [insert polarizing political issue here] around the family dining table?

The realtalk track proposes that at the centre of all of our greatest connections is dialogue. We observe, however, that the most meaningful connections, the conversations that really matter, are far too rare. There are too few of us skilled in the subtle art of courageous conversations, and too many of us more used to typing “lol” into a device than falling into the joy of contagious laughter with a group of friends.

We believe in dialogue that matters. Ideas exchanged or emotions expressed — verbally or non-verbally — that bring us closer together. We hold that within each of us rest untapped gifts and unexamined limitations that shape the possibilities of the conversations we have, and the ones we don’t.



Join us as we create interactive installations large and small, host workshops and dialogues single and in series, pop-up surprise events for two to two hundred, and facilitate large group experiences. We are open to submissions that interpret dialogue both literally and more liberally. Topics will range from the whimsical to the comical to the deep and/or controversial and anything in between, so long as the focus is on building connection to ourselves and each other: How do we co-create more sustainable cities? Is introducing vulnerability into my relationship with my dad even possible? Is a hotdog a sandwich?


We are looking for...

  • Track contributors to design and lead a session or experience within the track

  • Track supporters to support in executing the vision of a session/experience being led by track leaders


The majority of submissions should be for experiences that take place during Reset; however, experiences with components taking place before and after will also be considered (as many dialogues are best engaged in over time). Intersections with the themes of other tracks are anticipated; the realtalk team will navigate those overlaps with you and other track leaders.

Join us as we have fun, foster respectful critical thought, dive deep into the conversations we’ve always wanted to have, and facilitate connection at Reset 2018!

If you have any questions, please contact


Your track leaders are Ruthless + Co (RCo).



Dedicated to building community one conversation at a time, if Ruthless were to summarize herself in one word, that word would be "connection." She believes deeply in the promise of positive personal, community, and social support network connections to help each one of us move from surviving, to thriving. Positioning is important to her, and the following are identities she feels particularly aligned with: mixed-race, cisgender, woman of colour, intersectional and sex-positive feminist, and mental health advocate. Ruthless is a returning Resetter who (not surprisingly!) landed herself an invite to the first Reset after a fun coffee chat with an original co-founder.    


Jack of some trades, Jill of others, Master of none, Co dabbled in studies and travel for a decade or so, deeply committed to avoiding deep commitment, until eventually his path led to Toronto, where his wanderlust faded and his love of community building grew.  Community, co-working, co-housing, collaboration, convergence, corny puns, and now even commitment - these are a few of his favourite things.
As an extension of his work on building intentional communities, Co is constantly learning about communication, how to healthily navigate conflict, and what it means to listen better, rather than just saying “Listen…” better.