BODY LOVE+MOVEMENT will explore how we might connect deeply with ourselves and others through body and movement, finding presence and freedom to express, release and embody love.

SPORTS+GAMES will explore activities that transverse skill and ability so that everyone can play the way they love to play

REALTALK will explore the role of dialogue - on subjects whimsical, comical, deep and/or controversial, and anything in between - to facilitate connection to ourselves and each other.

SEX + SENSUALITY will explore how we might be radically intimate with ourselves and with others

HEALING+MYSTICISM will explore opportunities to connect more deeply with our authentic selves and to others, as well as to the deeper meaning of the world around us.

WEIRD, WONDEROUS & WHIMSICAL will explore activations that play at the intersection of chaos and joy, reawakening curiosity, creativity, and sense of wonder, and reaffirming our inner weird.

DREAMIT, MAKEIT will explore how a group of people co-create an epic light installation (or two, or three) to facilitate creativity, conversation, and/or teleportation at Reset 2018.

SOUNDTRACK will explore a range of sound experiences that connect us to our hearts, bodies, minds and/or transport us to an alternative reality altogether.