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RESET 2021

Thank you for joining us at a pop-up playground!

In advance of your experience, we kindly ask that you sign our mandatory waiver and optional survey. 

Once done, read this list to learn how best to reset: 

The playground is a 30 minute audio adventure that 84 individuals collaborated on. 

Arrive at least 10 minutes before your start time. If you're late, we will have to start without you and you can't join once we've started.   


If it is raining or looks like it will, we will email at least 2 hours before your playground to confirm if we have to reschedule with you or not. If you don't see a message from us, please check your spam folders and if there's nothing there, please call or text Adil @ 416-333-3056


Bring water, sunscreen, a mat/blanket (optional). 

Please note, there is no bathroom on site. 


Come to play, plan to stay! 

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When you arrive, look for the yellow shirts, sandwich boards or big blue tent.

When the experience begins, there will be an invitation to turn off your phone for those who are interested in a digital detox.

We will provide you with magic headphones and ensure that they are sanitized in between uses.

Everything is optional. 


You're active for parts but it's not strenuous.

Maintain distance from each other unless if you have clear consent otherwise.


There is no touch.


Most people feel discomfort before a reset for many reasons. We understand. Play is an edge for a lot of us and even though you may be craving connection with others, it's complicated. All your feelings are welcome before, during and after. 

Thank you!


p.s. if you can't find us, please call or text 416-333-3056

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