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RESET 2021

In 2021, Reset hosted over 50 pop-up playgrounds in parks and public spaces in Toronto and for a handful of organizations that were looking for creative ways to reconnect their teams.

The playground was an in-person, outdoor, physically distanced, guided audio experience intended to contribute towards attendees social recovery from the pandemic.

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So what happened?

Total Number of Playgrounds: 62


Total Number of People: 511 


Orgs that we collaborated with: City of Toronto, Mothers of Peace Regent Park, Centre for Social Innovation, Artscape, Toronto Foundation, TAS, The Bentway 

Playground Locations: Regent Park, Christie Pits Park, Geary Parkettes, an alleyway in Chinatown (CSI Spadina's alleyway), a parking lot in Parkdale (Stay Gold's Parking Lot), an old streetcar maintenance facility (Wychwood Barns), the courtyard of a community centre (The Corner @240), under a bridge (Canoe Landing Park), in front of a legislature (Queen's Park Park), on a boardwalk (The Beach), in a old auto shop (The Body Shop on Geary), on an island (Toronto Islands) and in an old farmhouse (in Alliston, Ontario). 


Want a private playground for your team or group to foster reconnection?

Anytime, Anywhere

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    What Worked Well

  • We achieved our goal of 50 public playgrounds!

  • 163 free tickets were claimed from individuals by Black and Indigenous communities (32% of our total pool).

  • The vast majority of those who attended had not attended a Reset event before. 

  • Our values and attention to access and inclusion were consistently identified as something people appreciated in the feedback.

    What Did Not

  • We struggled to explain what we were offering. 

  • We had hoped that we would serve at least 2x the people we did.  

  • Some felt the headphones were isolating because they didn't get to talk with others.

  • Some mentioned that the experience could have gone deeper / pushed comfort levels more.

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Thank you!

Reset is a product of community co-creation. Thank you for the following +80 folks for their collective contributions to Reset's 2021 pop-up playgrounds:

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Shazia Abji

Director of Experiences

A photo of Wilson Lin

Wilson Lin

Director of Production

A photo of Amy Tepperman

Amy Tepperman

Associate Director

A photo of Adil Dhalla

Adil Dhalla

Director of Community

A photo of Stephanie Ngan

Stephanie Ngan

Director of Marketing

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Jeremy Mather

Sound Engineer

A photo of Muriel Alexander

Muriel Alexander


a photo of Hima Batavia

Hima Batavia


A photo of Mike Carlson

Mike Carlson


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Adam Shalaby

A photo of Michelle Gibson

Michelle Gibson

A photo of Angus Ng

Angus Ng

A photo of Katya Nemtseva

Katya Nemtseva

A photo of Fatima Kamenge

Fatima Kamenge

A photo of Sam Abundance

Sam Abundance

A photo of Cindy Williams

Cindy Williams

A photo of Tim Groves

Tim Groves

A photo of Melissa Brizuela

Melissa Brizuela

Alina, Amanda Blair Roberson, Amanda Brueggeman, Andrés Aquino, Andrew Peek, Antonio Carito, Arati Sharma, Artscape, Carrie Vermillion, Cassandra, Chidiogo Akunyili, Clarke Nolan, ColinResponse, Danny Madden, Darius Bashar, Dance n' Culture, Dylan Coombs, Dylan Rudder, Emma Brooks, Faramarz Hashemi, Farid Jhalil, Frank Rocchio, Janice Liu, Jeremy O'Krafka, Jeremy Mather, Jessica Francis, Joshua Fernandes, Joy McClure, Karen Lewellen, Karim Rizkallah, Kelly Rintoul, Lorrainne Lam, Luke Anderson, Majid Hashemi, Mandy Sherman, Mathura Mahendren, Matt DelCiampo, Mike Brcic, Mitchell Stern, Misha Pokras, Mx. Ana Ceréna Sierra, Nadir Ebrahim, Natasha Singh, Negin Sairafi, Polina Buchak, Quamina Belgrave, Quincy, Remy, Rhea Mehta, Rob Mackenzie, Robert Wakulat, Romana Kassam, Sabrina Bowman, Salina Abji, Sarah Masiyiwa, Scott Girshek, Seema Jethalal, Tachand Dubuisson, Tanya Hayles, Tara Hadler, Tesfai Mengesha, Vanessa Okafo, Yusra Khan