Our Story


Reset was co-created in 2015 by 8 co-founders, all of whom were drawn to the idea of a digital detox adult summer camp for personal reasons, and brought together by a shared commitment to building and nurturing community. Our vision was to design an experience that encouraged more play, more presence and more connection, with an open invitation to anyone willing to take a leap of faith and attend a weekend away in the woods. 

That first year we hosted 100 participants for 3.5 days at Ecology Retreat Centre in Hockley Valley. We had 3 principles: no phones, no real names, and no work talk. Campers arrived just in time for dinner on Thursday evening and handed in their phones before going to bed. 

A lot happened after that, most of which is unexplainable, but the one thing we know is that it shifted the trajectory of our lives, as well as many others who were in attendance. Although we had spent months designing and organizing almost every detail of the event, what transpired was the kind of magic you can't really plan for.

Since 2015, we've hosted 4 summer camps and 1 winter camp, with over 500 participants total. We recently transitioned our organization from 8 co-founders to 2. We went through a rigorous re-brand process and re-launched our website. We also dropped 'Camp' from our name, in order to make the experience (and the brand) more accessible and to increase the metaphorical (and literal) size of our playground. Our desire to lean more into co-creation, and to nurture incredible creative leaders in our community, inspired the launch of our co-creation residency. This year the residency is led by 18 track leaders, who'll be bringing Reset's programming vision to life through 8 tracks. You can read more about the residency and our open call for programming submissions here.  

The future of Reset is ever-expanding and its story continues to unfold. What we know for sure is that alternative realities create powerful spaces for realization and deep meaningful connection, to ourselves, each other and the world around us. In a fast-paced world that is full of distractions and noise, Reset serves as a pause, a disruption in the system, that invites us to reflect, to question, to learn and to grow.