Reset is piloting a community space from February to August 2022 in Little Jamaica,Tkaronto. It will be an experiment around community, connection and collective joy aimed at supporting our social reconnection. 

The space is a phone-free and work-free for community. You can hang out in the lounge or just play via our daily programming.  


Pricing & Membership

Become one of our 150 Founding Members or drop-in any time.

program & schedule

Check out what's happening at the Space and sign up to just play. 


Everything you need to know about Reset, the Space, this pilot and our policies.


We wanted to experiment with an offering that has the potential to help us process our grief, develop deeper relations - with ourselves, each other, and the world around us - and ultimately, heal. And even if it doesn’t do any of these things, we must make space for collective joy. Space to just play, just because. 

how it works

  1. You can purchase a membership or a drop-in pass. 

  2. When you arrive, lock your personal technology devices in a provided locker. 

  3. Once that’s done: play, be or have tea. 

  4. You can also participate in our daily dance parties, laugh circles or community-offered programming as it arises. 

pandemic & safety

This is the area we are thinking about a lot and will continue to do so. Gathering in space again is challenging and complex but also an opportunity for us to collectively reconsider how we better prioritize health and safety. Read more about our approach to prioritizing your safety and reach out if you have any questions or thoughts.