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After three years of missing, yearning, and craving - CAMP RESET IS BACK!


September 15th - 18th, 2022


Camp Reset is a 4 day choose-your-own-adventure experience and structured around 3 core principles:


1.No personal tech 

2.No work talk

3.No real names 

The Camp Reset 2022 Collective

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Tickets are sold out but we occasionally have cancellations so if you'd like to be added to our waiting list, email us at!

About Camp

For four summer days, folks gather at Camp Reset to release themselves from the labels that define them in everyday life in exploration of a deeper, more liberating experience. Camp Reset is a digital detox grounded in justice-informed play and the wonder that comes from it. Pleasure, healing, growth, and deep connection with self and with others are just some of the things you might find at Camp.

You’ll start phone-free, but you’ll finish with a full heart, new friends, and some irreplaceable memories.

The year’s Camp will be hosted at Camp Walden, located east of Bancroft, Ontario. It has two private lakes, a large forest, sports facilities, performance spaces, arts and crafts and so many places to rest. 

Also, they do not have cell reception. Magic, eh?

So, what's our story? 


Leading up to Camp, we'll be sharing weekly stories from the Collective that's co-creating Reset.

Find the full library on our Media Page

Why Camp

  • Because play is an access point for personal joy, pleasure, healing, learning and collective liberation.

  • Because you are worthy of rest and we require such revolutionary activities.

  • Because we need antidotes to burnout and strategies to resist cultures of productivity, domination and oppression.

  • Because we really need space from our tech, our work and everything else designed to steal our presence.

  • Because community is everything and the ones that center community-care and bring radical attention to belonging are essential.

  • Because the pandemic is a portal and those imagining and creating new worlds need to find each other, so we can do it together.

  • Because "a reset" is part intervention + part intention designed for you to feel lighter and upgrade to a new version of yourself.

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We take care of all the meals so you have more space to take care of you. 

Ticket Information

There are 150 tickets available for Camp Reset that will be available at 12:00 pm on Thursday, July 14th on the Reset website. Tickets are available on a first come first serve basis.

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What's included:

  • Accommodations for 4 days and 3 nights.

  • Food and snacks for 4 days and 3 nights.

  • Access to all programming at Camp Reset.

  • 4 Tickets to a dance dance karaoke experience at Reset's Community Centre ($80 value).

  • 2 Tickets to a laughter practice experience at Reset's Community Centre ($40 value).

  • 1 ticket to an exclusive experience for campers pre-camp (priceless).

Please note: 

  • Early bird prices will be available between July 14th and July 21st.

  • For those who prefer to get a ride on one of our scheduled Camp Reset buses, there is an additional $50 charge.

  • If you are unsure which ticket type you should choose, please consult our pricing guide here.


Frequently Asked Questions


Curious about food, sleeping arrangements, transportation, COVID policies?  


Click here  to access our handy FAQ document or click on some of our most asked questions below: 

How does Camp Reset work?

Who goes to Camp Reset?

What are cabins like?

What’s the food like?

How physically accessible is Camp Reset?

What is justice-informed play?

Is this a good idea if I don’t like camping?

What is Camp Reset’s Substances Policy?

Do people go to Camp solo or with others?

Want to Co-Create Camp?

Core to our DNA is inviting Campers to co-create Camp with us and for this year, we are inviting campers who are interested to either join our Trew or Space Programs. Click here to learn more about both.

You are also welcome to bring your own play to Camp but unlike previous years, we are not making an official call for camper-led workshops. We've learned over the years how this would often lead to more work for those hosting and being a place free of work is one of the core ways Reset centres freedom and fun. 

Blue Skies

Rest is the best and we'll have plenty of time and places for it.

There are no cameras or phones at Camp so we can't show you what has happened or what will happen but we can show you trees and trust for some, this will be enough. 

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