this is Reset

It all began with a question:  how do we  bring more play, presence and connection into our lives?


In 2015, Camp Reset was born as the answer.  The rules were this: no phones, no real names, no talking about work.  The weekend that ensued went far beyond our most whimsical dreams.

Since then, Reset has spent the last 5 years learning, growing, and building community by bringing that same feeling of magic into different spaces.

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resetting Toronto

In 2020, we were forced to cancel camp, due to the pandemic.  We took this opportunity to reflect and figure out how we could best serve Toronto.

Now, our mission lies within the city.  Not everyone can go to camp, but everyone deserves to play.  Our vision is to help adults regain connection with others and with their best selves, by inspiring people to let loose and just play.

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just play: social recovery

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Even pre-pandemic, our experiences with isolation, loneliness and polarization were considered an epidemic.  Now, the pandemic has driven our disconnection even further. 

If we’re not careful, what the scientists are calling a ‘social recession’ could become a full on collective depression.  social recovery is essential, and that requires thoughtful and intentional action.  

Enter the Pop Up Playground: our answer to provide a deep dose of connection to those inside Toronto, in contribution towards our social recovery.  

Play is a magic cure for all sorts of things: play creates  joy, connection, learning and even healing.

Play provides a reprieve and a much-needed RESET from our overly-adult lives.  That's why we invite you to JUST PLAY!

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a group photo of all the participants at Reset 2017

our community

Reset is a product of community co-creation. Thank you to our founding community who laid the foundation from 2015-2020 and shout out the following +80 folks for their collective contributions to Reset's 2021 pop-up playgrounds:


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Shazia Abji

Director of Experiences

A photo of Wilson Lin

Wilson Lin

Director of Production

A photo of Amy Tepperman

Amy Tepperman

Associate Director

A photo of Adil Dhalla

Adil Dhalla

Director of Community

A photo of Stephanie Ngan

Stephanie Ngan

Director of Marketing

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Jeremy Mather

Sound Engineer

A photo of Muriel Alexander

Muriel Alexander


a photo of Hima Batavia

Hima Batavia


A photo of Mike Carlson

Mike Carlson



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Adam Shalaby

A photo of Michelle Gibson

Michelle Gibson

A photo of Angus Ng

Angus Ng

A photo of Katya Nemtseva

Katya Nemtseva

A photo of Fatima Kamenge

Fatima Kamenge

A photo of Sam Abundance

Sam Abundance

A photo of Cindy Williams

Cindy Williams

A photo of Tim Groves

Tim Groves

A photo of Melissa Brizuela

Melissa Brizuela

Energy Exchange

Com​munity Contributors

Alina, Amanda Blair Roberson, Amanda Brueggeman, Andres Aquino, Andrew Peek, Antonio Carito, Arati Sharma, Artscape, Carrie Vermillion, Cassandra, Chidiogo Akunyili, Clarke Nolan, ColinResponse, Danny Madden, Darius Bashar, Dance n' Culture, Dyland Coombs, Dylan Rudder, Emma Brooks, Faramarz Hashemi, Farid Jhalil, Frank Rocchio, Janice Liu, Jeremy O'Krafka, Jeremy Mather, Jessica Francis, Joshua Fernandes, Joy McClure, Karen Lewellen, Karim Rizkahlla, Kelly Rintoul, Lorainne Lam, Luke Anderson, Majid Hashemi, Mandy Sherman, Mathura Mahendren, Matt DelCiampo, Mike Brcic, Mitchell Stern, Misha Pokras, Mx. Ana Ceréna Sierra, Nadir Ebrahim, Natasha Singh, Negin Sairafi, Polina Buchak, Quamina Belgrave, Quincy, Remy, Rhea Mehta, Rob Mackenzie, Robert Wakalut, Romana Kassam, Sabrina Bowman, Salina Abji, Sarah Masiyiwa, Scott Girshek, Seema Jethalal, Tachand Dubuisson, Tanya Hayles, Tara Hadler, Tesfai Mengesha, Vanessa Okafo, Yusra Khan

A group photo of Reset's Camp counsellors in 2018

justice + play

Collective joy requires justice so we endeavour to create inclusive spaces for all in attendance, regardless of gender, age, sexual orientation, ability, physical appearance, body type, race or belief. We recognize that individuals come from all backgrounds and lived experiences and cannot create true safety for all, but we uphold the principle of not tolerating discrimination in any form. 

We are hosting playgrounds on the traditional territory of many nations including the Mississaugas of the Credit, the Anishnabeg, the Chippewa, the Haudenosaunee and the Wendat peoples and we recognize the enduring presence of all First Nations, Métis and the Inuit peoples.

e are committed to continually learning and listening to Indigenous communities to ensure our contribution towards Indigenous sovereignty and 100% of any profits generated from the Pop Up Playgrounds will be donated to Indian Residential School Survivor Society.