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A collection of stories we've told or that have been told about us over the years. 

A year later in 2018, Budder had just had heart surgery. He was bedridden and pretty isolated, not working, not socializing much, and craving real authentic connection. “I missed a life when I wasn’t just staring at my phone in bed. I was eager to jump and dive into Camp but still anxious because I’d been so far removed from being social. Reset found me when I needed it the most.

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An intrepid nomad who’s lived abroad, Leaf wasn’t looking for just any kind of connection when he arrived in Canada this past February. Interested in putting Justice and Play into practice, he wondered how he could manifest these ideals in this new place. It wasn’t long before he’d find out.

Serendipity struck when he was introduced to the idea of Reset at a social gathering. Once he learned about Camp and the possibility of co-creation, he jumped in with both feet, his head and his heart.

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These days, tech-enabled communication, especially on the internet, is making deep connection increasingly complicated. “Instead of being inquisitive and nuanced, its jabbing and silencing, humiliating instead of engaging. We’re losing our ability in those spaces to hold things with more complexity, to disagree but understand. And it’s been the primary way people have interacted for the last two years. We need to settle our “mean heights” down. That’s the only way we’re going to come back together.” 

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A reset is a clean slate, but not a wiping away. It’s getting back to a starting point, a baseline. As an organization, Reset is a container for that, to show us what those baselines can be. It allows us to dream about better or ideal possibilities, recognizing the multiplicity of those ideas. It is the container for dreaming." That’s why it’s important for her, for all of us. To feel seen as we explore new ways of being and doing. “Reset models how to transform. It’s intentional co-creation without an agenda… It’s a model of the world I want to live in.

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