A cultural movement, in an alternative reality, co-created by you.

The Call for Programming Submissions for Reset 2018 is now closed. 

There will be plenty of opportunities to get involved during the weekend itself, and we look forward to seeing you there. Sign up for our mailing list to stay updated on opportunities to get involved with future Reset experiences.




The programming tracks of Reset 2018 are looking for diverse and engaging session and experience proposals. A “Track” is a series of curated experiences threaded together by a common theme led through the weekend. Tracks embody the culture and values of Reset while creating space for co-creation, wonder and curiosity.

BODY LOVE+MOVEMENT will explore how we might connect deeply with ourselves and others through body and movement, finding presence and freedom to express, release and embody love.

SPORTS+GAMES will explore activities that transverse skill and ability so that everyone can play the way they love to play

REALTALK will explore the role of dialogue - on subjects whimsical, comical, deep and/or controversial, and anything in between - to facilitate connection to ourselves and each other.

SEX + SENSUALITY will explore how we might be radically intimate with ourselves and with others

HEALING+MYSTICISM will explore opportunities to connect more deeply with our authentic selves and to others, as well as to the deeper meaning of the world around us.

WEIRD, WONDEROUS & WHIMSICAL will explore activations that play at the intersection of chaos and joy, reawakening curiosity, creativity, and sense of wonder, and reaffirming our inner weird.

DREAMIT, MAKEIT will explore how a group of people co-create an epic light installation (or two, or three) to facilitate creativity, conversation, and/or teleportation at Reset 2018.

SOUNDTRACK will explore a range of sound experiences that connect us to our hearts, bodies, minds and/or transport us to an alternative reality altogether.