What is Reset?

Reset is a 4 day immersive experience that takes place in Haliburton, Ontario and gathers 450 participants to connect in an alternative reality. Reset bends the rules and questions the norms. To learn more about what happens at Reset, visit our experience page. 

How can I attend Reset?

In order to participate in Reset, you’ll have to purchase a ticket. Please visit our registration page to make your purchase.

What exactly does “No Phones, No Work Talk” mean?

We believe that we can experience deeper states of presence and connect more with ourselves, each other and our environment by putting our devices away. Reset collects phones from participants upon arrival and returns phones on the last day upon departure. We also firmly believe in no work talk. There are plenty of spaces for networking and more than enough opportunities in our everyday lives to connect over what we do. We’ve created a space for you to dive deeper, ask different questions and talk about your passions.

Are there really no photos or videos at Reset? Why is that?

Yes! Photos and videos are an absolute no-go at Reset. We’ve created a surveillance free environment in order to allow participants to feel a sense of freedom and be able to express themselves without being concerned about documentation.

What is included in my ticket?

Your ticket includes transportation to and from Toronto (and potentially Ottawa), sleeping arrangements in a shared cabin,  as well as all meals for the weekend. If you’ve purchased an Allyship ticket, you will have your own single bed.

What is your refund policy?

We don’t provide refunds, however, ticket transfers (managed by you) are accepted up until 1 month before the event. Please contact hello@thisisreset.org if you’d like to request a ticket transfer.

What is the age limit for Reset?

Reset is a 19+ event. A valid ID will be requested at registration.

What are the accommodations at Reset?

Regular tickets include accommodations in a shared cabin with bunk beds. There will be 12-14 folks per cabin and you will have the opportunity to choose your cabin based on various preferences/interests closer to the event. Gender specific, shared washroom and shower facilities are located outside of cabins.

Can I be in a dorm with my friend or partner?

Participants have the opportunity to choose their own cabins! As long as the cabin has capacity, we will do our best to accommodate your request. Keep in mind that the cabins have bunk beds so you wouldn’t be able to sleep in the same bed as your partner.

What are the shower and bathroom facilities like at Reset?

Gender specific, shared washroom and shower facilities are located outside of cabins. Both facilities will be cleaned twice a day by the venue staff.

What happens at Reset?

Lots of things! Reset is a choose your own adventure filled with programming across various themes. You can visit our experience page to learn more, or check out our get involved page to learn more about tracks and how to contribute to programming. You can choose to fill your days with activities, games, workshops, parties and conversation or take it easy and enjoy the outdoors while participating in programming that resonates with you.

Is there a strict schedule or do I participate in activities when I feel like it?

Most of our programming is scheduled, however, you can participate, or not participate, in anything and everything. We encourage you to follow your flow and make time for rest throughout the weekend.  

What should I bring to Reset?

We’ll send a detailed list 2 weeks out from the event (and a reminder a few days before), but we generally recommend you prepare for the heat and the cold, for rain and wind, mud and water. Please make sure to bring any medication you may want/need over the weekend. Bring comfortable shoes you don’t mind getting dirty, and culturally appropriate costumes if you feel called to it. We also highly recommend bringing your favourite snacks, especially if you need to eat between meals or have specific preferances/restrictions. 

What CAN’T I bring to Reset?

We kindly ask that you avoid bringing scented products, cameras or recording devices of any kind. And this goes without saying, but nothing that would directly harm you, another person or the environment. 

What type of food will you be serving at Reset?

We like to describe it as ‘fancy camp food’. We do our utmost to work with the venue chef to create a healthy, hearty menu that’s both delicious and energizing. Lunches will be vegetarian and dinners will have 1-2 meat options.

Will you accommodate dietary restrictions and food allergies?

Upon ticket registration you'll have the opportunity to indicate your special food requests. We will do our best to accommodate your requests, however in the event we cannot, we'll be sure to let you know so you can prepare to bring your own meals. 

Will there be alcohol at Reset?

We do not provide or serve alcohol at Reset, however, you may bring your own alcohol and choose to drink responsibly.

How do I get to Reset? Will you provide transportation?

Yes we provide transportation by bus leaving from a central Toronto location, as well as Ottawa (pending on tickets sales). Due to very limited parking space at the venue, driving to Reset on your own or with others is not an option as parking is not available. 

What if someone urgently needs to get a hold of me while I’m away at Reset?

We will provide a phone number that can be called/texted if anyone needs to get a hold of you. This phone will be checked once an hour for texts and voice messages and you will be notified if there’s an urgent message for you.

What if I can’t come for all 3 days/nights?

Due to the nature of Reset’s immersive design, you can only participate in the event if you can attend the event from start (Thursday morning) to finish (Sunday afternoon).

What time does Reset begin on Aug 30th and end on the Sept 2nd?

Buses will leave at approximately 10 AM on Thursday August 30 to Haliburton and leave the venue at approximately 5 PM on Sunday September 2.

Will I be able to smoke on the premise?

There will be designated smoking areas on the premises and we ask that you please respect the land (and venue) by only smoking in designated areas.

What if I get injured at Reset? Will there be a medical team on site?

We will have a nurse on site for minor injuries, however, in the event of a major incidents we will call 911 (and inform your emergency contact). There is a hospital located approximately 15 minutes away from the venue.

Reset sounds amazing! Can I volunteer?

Yes absolutely! Upon purchasing a ticket you can select that you’re interested in volunteering at Reset (there will be various roles ranging from registration to greeters to setup and takedown). We will also send emails about volunteering opportunities leading up to the event.

I’d love to host a workshop, design an experience, or build an installation at Reset. How do I do that?

That’s wonderful, we’d love to co-create with you.  You can learn more about how to get involved in bringing Reset to life in our get involved page. If you have additional questions you can email tracks directly or email our support team at hello@thisisreset.org


Thank you!