Reset is an incorporated nonprofit social enterprise with a mandate to address social isolation by helping adults feel permission to just play through experiences that are at the intersection of art, digital detox and community. To learn more about us, visit our About page.


Why is Reset piloting a Retreat Centre?

It feels like the world is on fire and there are a lot of things requiring reimagination. Specifically, we believe that: 


  • There is an urgent need for community, justice and joy. 

  • We need ENERGY to confront our current circumstances.

  • We need more spaces to heal, process our grief, and develop deeper relations with ourselves and each other. 

  • There should be more spaces to just play, just because.


Retreats are often something you experience over multiple days while immersed in nature. For most of us, however, this type of experience isn’t financially, geographically, physically or even culturally accessible. So, we want to experiment with an offering that will attempt to remove some of these barriers and is designed in direct response to today’s challenges.


What is the Reset Retreat Centre? 

The Reset Retreat Centre is a digital detox space with daily programming intended to facilitate collective joy, community and just play

How does the Centre work?

Tech-Free: You must check your personal tech at the door. Phones, smart watches, laptops, etc. are not allowed in the space and you will be asked to lock them in a locker.

Work-Free: The Centre is a “no-working” space meaning that unless you are providing programming, we don’t talk about work or bring it into the space. 


Just play: You’re invited to participate in our programming or bring your own play.   


The Reset Retreat Centre operates similar to a yoga studio in that there will be daily programming available AND/OR you can hang out in the lounge for conversations, puzzling or some quiet time. 

How is justice embedded into the pilot? 

Our work is hosted on the traditional territory of many nations including the Mississaugas of the Credit, the Anishnabeg, the Chippewa, the Haudenosaunee and the Wendat peoples and we recognize the enduring presence of all First Nations, Métis and the Inuit peoples. Reset believes that collective joy requires justice and strives to create inclusive spaces for everyone, regardless of gender, age, sexual orientation, ability, physical appearance, body type, race or belief. 


Ways by which we are attempting to reflect the above includes but is not limited to:

  • A Land Acknowledgment on our walls and website.  

  • Our drop-in passes and memberships are available on a sliding scale. Learn more about our pricing

  • Ensuring that the programming centres connection rather than competition, is non-violent, does not reinforce oppressive paradigms and has meaningfully considered access.   


We recognize that who is at the table and their collective experiences are essential to our work around justice so we would also like to share that 75% of our board, team, advisors and those providing programming in the Centre identify as being BIPOC.  

Obviously, our identities are more complex than race and intersectional. We recognize that there are many ways in which we can embody our commitment to justice and welcome any feedback or thoughts you want to share, either in person or via email at


What are the ways I can be a part of, contribute to or volunteer at the Retreat Centre? 

  • Become a Member or drop in for a visit. 

  • Provide free or paid programming. 

  • Contribute to the Enchanted Faux-Rest.

  • Join a committee focused on our strategy and sustainability. 

  • Welcome folks into the space as they arrive. 

Is the space physically accessible? 

The main floor where all the programming will happen is physically accessible, however, the doors are not automated and the bathroom is not fully in compliance with AODA standards. The basement, regrettably, is not accessible. 

We recognize that access can take on many other dimensions and are committed to learning how we continually improve in this area. 


What is your pandemic plan?
Our intention is to be a community of care. We're also struggling a lot with the current divisions in our society and we believe safety and inclusion can co-exist, although we recognize that we'll never meet everyone's preferences and needs. With that said, we'll continue to learn and evolve our plan: 


  • The Centre will operate at 25% capacity (30 people max) for the time being.   

  • A vaccine passport is not required from Wednesdays - Saturdays.

  • A vaccine passport is required on Sundays at least until the end of March and then we will reassess based on community consultation. 

  • Masks are optional and we celebrate one's choice to wear one. 

  • Our Wave Plus will provide air quality information, which we will regularly share. 

  • There are air Purifiers are on both floors. 

  • Windows and doors will be opened before programming to provide natural air flow and we have similarly spaced out programming to ensure air movement.

  • Our plan will keep evolving in alignment with public health guidance.

How do you ensure the space is safe?

In the composition of our Team, Board and Advisors, we have attempted to have a diversity of experiences at the table to ensure we are considering people’s experiences from multiple vantage points. Our staff has also had de-escalation and anti-oppression training and is engaged in ongoing learning in both areas. 


That said, given that everyone has different and evolving needs related to their safety, we will never claim to be a safe space. Rather, we will always endeavour to create a safer and braver space. For that to happen, we know we need to make it easy for people to share their experiences, including through anonymous channels. To that end, you can always email us at or drop a note in our suggestion box.


What can I do at the Centre?

Check out our schedule but since you're already here, when you arrive at the Centre, check your tech in a personal locker and then you can: 

  1. Attend one of our daily dance parties or laugh circles. 

  2. Attend programming that other members of the community are hosting. 

  3. Play a game, participate in a puzzle or have a conversation with other members in the Centre. 

  4. Take some time for yourself. 

  5. Contribute to the Enchanted Faux-Rest - our community art project inside the Centre.


Can I offer my own play and programming?

You sure can! BYOP (bring your own play) and if your offering is something you would like   compensation for (e.g. a workshop, experience, etc.), let’s have a conversation about how to bring that to life. For the pilot, our revenue sharing model is to provide 100% of the ticket sales from your event to you.


What is the Enchanted Faux-Rest?

The Enchanted Faux-Rest is an experiment in community co-creation that will take place in the   Centre’s basement from March to May 2022. For those who are interested, you can contribute plants, art and crafts towards transforming the space from a normal basement into a work of art in which the community can hang out.



Where is the Retreat Centre located?

The Centre is located at 634 Vaughan Road at the intersection of Oakwood and Vaughan Road in Little Jamaica

How do I get to the Retreat Centre? 

  • There is bike parking in front of the building and a Bike Share hub right in front of the space. 

  • There are three bus routes that you can take to/from the space:

    • 63/63A Ossington bus travels along Oakwood Ave from Ossington Station to Eglinton West station.

    • 161 Rogers Road bus from Ossington Station.

    • 90 Vaughan Rd bus from St Clair West Station.

  • There is ample street (paid and free) parking in the area.

What are the operating hours? 

To start, we are open from 1pm - 9pm from Wednesday to Sundays. We are closed on Monday and Tuesdays. 


Do I book my time at the Centre in advance or can I just show up? 

We expect our number to be low for now, so you are welcome to show up but we will be implementing a scheduling system soon to ensure that we are not surpassing our capacity. 



What is the pricing for Membership and Drop-ins? 

Given our desire to prioritize accessible care, our pricing is available on a sliding scale model and free passes and Founding Memberships are available upon request.  We especially encourage those from the local community to access free passes if price is a barrier.  Otherwise, there are 3 pricing options and all prices listed are inclusive of HST: 

  • Level Yellow | $9 drop-in | $225 membership for 6 months | For those who couldn't access the Centre without this option. Low-income or precariously employed; No savings and/or financial support from others; Little to no expendable income each month; Accessing self-care is a barrier.

  • Level Blue | $18 drop-in | $395 membership for 6 months | For those who would need to consult their budget first. Mid-income with stable employment/source of income; Some money in savings and/or financial support from others; Has expendable income each month; Can access self-care.

  • Level Red | $27 drop-in | $565 membership for 6 months | For those for experiencing financial stability. Mid-to-high-income with stable employment; Savings account and financial safety net; Can afford to take vacations and make other large purchases with relative ease; Can access self-care with relative ease.

Thank you to Margeaux Feldman for giving us the language for our sliding scale.

What does being a Founding Member mean? 

Being a Founding Member means that you're joining us on this adventure. It comes with the thrill and risk of  uncharted territory as well as the opportunity to co-create with us. There are a total of 150 Founding Memberships available and Founding Members will:


  • Belong to a community of 150 folks.

  • Receive 50 shareable passes to Reset's provided programming - daily dance parties, laugh circles or pop-up playgrounds - that can be used at any time during the pilot.

  • Unlimited access to the Enchanted Faux-rest when the Centre is not privately booked. 

  • Access a 50% discount to host a private event at the Centre.

  • Have first access to community programming, parties and Camp Reset.

  • Shape the pilot and receive biweekly updates on its progress via our Town Halls. 


What is the process for purchasing Membership and Drop in passes?

For membership, please send an electronic-money transfer (EMT) to We will confirm receipt within 24 hours of purchase and send you next steps which include a survey, waiver form and instructions on how to access your membership benefits. 


Drop-in passes can be purchased directly from the schedule page.

We have chosen this approach rather than using a scheduling tool that you may be familiar with when visiting fitness studios because this approach is more nimble for us and feels more user friendly for you. 

Can I pay monthly for my membership rather than all up-front? 

Our preference is one up-front payment, however, if you prefer paying your membership monthly or instalments, we are happy to arrange that with you and please email to let us know your payment preference. 

Can I share my membership with others? 

Yes, think of it like your Netflix account. There's one person who pays and whom we will deal directly with around admin things, but you can share the passes and perks with others. That way, couples, friends and families don't need to buy individual passes and we better lean into a culture of sharing and abundance.   

Can I come with a group? 

Yes, you are welcome to come to the space with your team, family or group of friends and for those with memberships, you can use your passes on them. 

Can children come to the Centre? 

Children are allowed and you do not require to purchase a ticket for them. With that said, the Centre is intended for adults to play so please keep in mind that we do not have any children's programming or toys. 


Are private space bookings possible?

Yes, we will allocate a limited number of hours each month for private bookings for up to 25 people at a time. The cost associated with doing so is:​

  • Individual Member - $50 per hour + HST

  • Individual Non Member - $100 per hour + HST

  • Non-profit Organization - $150 per hour + HST

  • For-profit Organization - $300 per hour + HST



Why is this a pilot? 

We are attempting something that neither we nor many other people have done before,  so we felt a pilot made the most sense for everyone involved. Frankly, spaces for community often don’t work, unless they are heavily funded by public dollars or extremely expensive to access. We have faith in this effort and also want to acknowledge that it is an experiment. The rare examples of successful community spaces find creative ways to balance sustainability and access and we want to give a specific shout-out to some of our local inspirations: the Centre for Social Innovation and Old’s Cool General Store.

How is the pilot funded?

The pilot is funded via the revenues generated from our memberships, drop-in passes and private rentals. 


In addition, financial and love capital has been provided by members of the community to help us get things off the ground, and FortyTwo Communities, who own the building and have provided us with the space rent-free for the duration of the pilot. 


What questions are you looking to answer during the pilot?


There are four questions that are guiding us throughout this process: 

  1. Has our presence been respectful of and beneficial to the neighbourhood?

  2. Has the pilot positively impacted those who accessed the Centre? 

  3. How can we structure the Centre to facilitate access and while achieving sustainability?


We recognize that these are pretty big questions, and the following Q&A speaks to how we intend to bring rigour and measurement to this inquiry.

How will you know if the pilot is a success? 

In an effort to be guided by data as much as possible, we will be measuring our success based on the following five metrics:

  • How likely are our members to recommend the Centre to someone else? 

  • What is the self identified level of joy someone feels when they enter and leave the space? 

  • How many passes and memberships are acquired by members of the local neighbourhood?


We will also be issuing surveys to people who attend the Centre and local businesses, as well as hosting monthly town halls to solicit qualitative feedback.


How are you meaningfully engaging the local neighbourhood? 

We are not from the neighborhood, and we recognize that we have the potential to contribute to the gentrification of the neighbourhood if we do not invest the time, energy and resources to ensure that we do not. 


We are committed to listening and learning how our presence can be respectful and of benefit to the neighbourhood. Among the first steps we have taken is  reaching out to some local organizations and nonprofits to begin building relations. Furthermore, one of our motivations for offering  “Free February” is to ensure that anyone and everyone from the neighbourhood can access the space. We  will also always have free drop-in passes available for members of the neighbourhood who request them. Finally, we will provide free tea to anyone who asks, regardless of whether or not they want to enter the Centre. 


If the data we collect at the end of the pilot (see section below for more details) suggests that members of the local neighborhood are not visiting the Centre, we will not explore turning the pilot into a permanent space. 




What will you do if the Centre fails in its objectives? 

We’ll consider it a privilege to have tried, accumulate our learnings and continue to imagine new ways to contribute to our vision.


What will you do if the Centre succeeds in its objectives? 

We will attempt to transition the pilot into a permanent place. 


Will you open more Retreat Centres? 

We are open to the idea but are not in any particular rush to do so. At this point, our focus is on impact, which requires us to go deep rather than wide. That said, projects like these take time to get off the ground so if you’re interested in talking about this with us, email us at