DreamIT MakeIT

Light the way!


Do you find yourself daydreaming about all the epic things you would create in the world if you had the time and the space? Do you enjoy creating from scratch with your friends for your friends? Have you ever wanted to learn how to make unforgettable and interactive experiences using darkness and light?

Ok amazing you’re on the right track -- We are going to let our imaginations run wild this year and create something (or a few) epic light installations for Reset. We don’t know exactly what it is yet but we know that it will enhance the existing landscape of Camp White Pine and add beauty and magic to the Reset experience. We hope that our installation will be a focal point as well as a space that encourages creativity, conversation or maybe even be a portal into another dimension?

And don’t worry if you don’t have experience building massive light installations, we don’t either! We will learn together how to build something pretty spectacular out of lights and our existing environment for everyone to enjoy!


We are looking for...

If you are a visionary, a creator and builder of things and love to use your hands to bring things to life we want to work with you! Bonus points if you know how to use a power tool, have built a structure of sorts in the past, have worked with lights in the past and are a master visionary or a master drafter of visions! Any or all of these skills are welcome.

Let’s make a thing at Reset this year!

If you have any questions, please contact dreamitmakeit@thisisreset.org.


Your track leaders are Treble and Lotus.



Treble is a self-taught multidisciplinary artist that draws lines just so she can cross them! She is constantly challenging herself creatively both independently and collaboratively to enrich and refine her skills and creative aptitude. Treble has contributed creatively to Reset for over the last four years - each year being vastly different than the last. Reset has become an anchor and a platform for her to explore the many different forms of expression that exist inside her being and this year again she will be expanding her limits to create something epic for everyone to enjoy!


Coming soon.