We just launched our next pilot project - a tech-free coworking centre - for individuals and organizations looking to explore deep, creative and collaborative work. Day passes are available on a sliding scale starting at $10.

We are very excited about this pilot because our dominant culture of work is so broken. It optimizes for extraction and is burning us out. We believe that by de-centering technology and re-centering humans, we are optimizing for more flow, joy and play. 

If you are seeking space for deep work, journaling, art, imagination, reconnection, relations-repairing and more, book time for you or your team to join us.

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Since our first Camp Reset in 2015, "no work" has been one of our 3 design parameters.

Our theory of change was simple:

When work is removed from the equation, people have more space for the other sides of their identities and to just play.  We also felt it was important to create a sanctuary from a work-obsessed culture that is burning us out. 

Our first Community Centre pilot started with the same parameter around "noworking". Very quickly, however, the data began telling us a new story. More than 25% of those who came to our Centre asked if they could work here immediately upon entry.

To be honest, we were initially dismissive of the question and a bit confused by it. But it came up so much that we asked more questions and what we learned was that people were not desiring freedom from work - but that they were yearning for new ways to do it

Many explained that the idea of a space free from tech would optimize their ability for deep work, creativity and collaboration. Our dominant culture is optimizes for speed, transaction and extraction. The way they described their experience at Reset, was that it felt necessarily slow, relational and giving. A place not to work hard, but to work well. 

We also learned a lot about how people defined work. For some, work is what you do at your job. But for others, work is what you're passionate about, work is required for relationships and work is necessary to confront the challenges of today.


This made us wonder things like: 

  • What does work look like without our phones, computers and devices? 

  • How can we bring more play into work? 

  • Where are people organizing communities and movements? 

  • Where are people imagining new futures?

Before we could even make a decision to officially move into coworking, we realized it was already happening. Over the last 6 months, people have been coming to the Centre to write; to reconnect with colleagues they haven't seen for 2 years, to do reflection exercises with their teams; to whiteboard new ideas; to be and when when taking a break, to just play. 

On that last note, we had some serious reservations regarding what we may loose around our vision for just play, by trying out coworking. But it dawned on us that one of the ways we can make the world a more playful place isn't by play existing outside the normative spaces, but actually happening within them.


Like a flower that grows through the cracks in the concrete. 

Of course, we have a lot of learn but in order for that to happen we need you! Book some time  and let's explore this new world together.