Camp's History

It all began with a question: 


How do we bring more play, presence and connection into our lives?


In 2015, we hosted the first Camp Reset - an immersive 4-day play experience with no phones, no real names and no work talk.

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What unfolded that weekend stretched far beyond our wildest dreams. Camp Reset is a choose-your-own-adventure experience for approximately 200 people and includes  a range of programming across various themes.You can choose to fill your days with activities, games, workshops, parties and conversation or take it easy and enjoy the outdoors while opting in to programming that resonates with you. In other words, you do you boo!


Camp Reset 2015

Most of what happens at camp  is unexplainable, but history has shown that it low-key tends to shift the trajectory of people's lives.  Something about having the time and space, sans devices, to be fully present, while immersed in the inherent wonders of nature, and being surrounded by a group of people craving play and connection, seems to catalyze magic. While we hold the space as thoughtfully as we can, it’s truly the collision of who shows up and the choices campers make for their individual and collective adventures that determines the unique alchemy of magic that emerges at each camp.  


Since 2015, we've hosted four summer camps and one winter camp, with over 500 participants attending in total. The pandemic forced a break in our camp shenanigans over the last few years, but we are excited to return to camp in 2022.

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