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If you're seeing this, it means you're come to Camp. 🤸🏾‍♂️

Information is important (#facts) but we get/miss so many emails (#alsofacts) so this is our page with everything you need to know.

8 things that are especially essential to know. ​

  1. ​Camp Walden's phone number is 1-888-254-4274. Please provide this number to your loved ones in the event of emergency and communicate that Walden checks their phones 3x a day. 

  2. You will loose cell phone reception/data about an hour before you get to Camp so take care of your goodbyes before then and download a map if you're driving. 

  3. Our first meal is Thursday is at 6pm so if you are arriving much earlier than that, bring a lunch. Also, feel free to bring peanut-free snacks for camp. 

  4. All cabins will have a power source if you require one for your CPAP machines, alarm clocks, blow dryers, etc. 

  5. If you plan to consume substances at camp, please review our substance policy in advance. 

  6. It's starting to get cold at night so please dress accordingly! Programming is outdoors on Thursday and Friday night and indoors on Saturday night. 

  7. Cabins have beds and mattresses. You are required to bring a sleeping bag and pillow and/or sheets

  8. If you are taking the bus, please please please read our requirements around luggage below and note the ride is 4 hours and there is one stop so channel your inner camel. 

More important info below!

Dates and Times - The gates open at Camp at 1pm on Thursday, September 15. - Programming begins at 6pm. Please try to be there on time! - Registration closes at 6pm on Thursday but if you come after that time, follow the signs to the Counsellors Lounge or Sanctuary and ask for someone on the team. - Please remember that those organizing do not have cell phones so we will do our best to meet you whe you arrive as quickly as possible but you may need to wait a bit if we're in the middle of an experience. - Camp ends at 2pm on Sunday, September 18th and the buses will be leaving at that time.

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Packing List

Taking the bus 1) The buses are leaving at 12pm on the west end and 2pm from the east end. 2) The buses will leave without you if you're late so PLEASE show up at least 30 mins before departure time. 3) The bus ride is 4 hours and there will be one bathroom break so don't load up on liquids if you don't need to. 4) Do bring a meal and things for you to do on the bus. 5) Space on the bus is VERY limited so at most, you should have: ONE bag A knapsack A sleeping bag and pillow A tent if you’re tenting We have rented a U-haul which will be at the bus locations for you to put your luggage on it. An important note that the U-Haul will arrive at Camp at 6pm so if you’re coming up on the 12pm bus, make sure you take anything you need before 6pm on the bus with you! 6) The buses will be leaving Camp at 2pm on Sunday the 18th and arriving in Toronto at the locations you were picked up from between 6 - 7pm.

Driving There is no cell reception the closer you get to camp so download your maps in advance! Upon arrival, come to the Counselors Unit for registration and we'll show you were to park later. Camp Site 38483 Hwy. 28 (R.R. #2) Palmer Rapids ON K0J 2E0 GPSLat: 45.2 Lon: -77.44 Link for directions:

Programming info In our desire to design for awe and delight, we don't usually share the Camp Program until the day of Camp but for those who would prefer to see something in advance, we will share a digital version of it here 48 hours before camp. Other things that are good to know! Friday night: The Dance Dance Karaoke silent disco dress theme is LOUD and bright. We wanna hear you through your clothing! Inspo includes your fave rockstar, bright colours, neon, glow, wild prints, and general EXTRANESS! Saturday night: The Apex Portal dress theme is “wear something you truly love”. This can be interpreted in so many ways and is intended to provide maximum flexibility and freedom. So you can’t go wrong, whether it’s your favorite jogging suit, a costume sitting in your closet, something you bought for a special occasion or things you haven't been able to wear in the last few years! Literally ANYTHING that brings you delight, gets you in the mood to dance, and helps you embody whatever heightened alter-ego you're bringing to the new post-Camp world!

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