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- Towel. - Toiletries. - Flashlight. - Water bottle. - Not smart watch. - Comfortable clothing. - Fanny pack or day bag. - Packed lunch for the ride up. - Warm things for the evenings. - Sleeping bag and pillow or other bedding if you prefer. - Tools and toys for care (sleeping mask, essential oil, tea, face mask, massage ball, earplugs, book, hot sauce, etc).

If easier, here's the packing list in a Google Doc!
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- Bathing suit. - Hot water bottle. - Musical instrument. - Rain jacket/umbrella. - Book, journal and pen. - Peanut-free snacks and drinks (fridges available). - Athletic clothes & gear for yoga, basketball, hiking, etc. - BYO Play - games, crafts, puzzles, balls, kites - whatever you want to add to the mix! - Friday night optional costume prompts: metallic, shiny, sparkly, glowing, celestial. - Saturday night optional costume prompts: colourful, cozy, best life vibes, something that makes you happy. *You’re invited to bring costume(s), onesies, neon, glow, sparkle and whatever else brings fun to your fashion and makes you feel in your glory! It’s not essential but certainly celebrated for those who like to play this way.

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- Camp starts at 4pm Thursday, September 14. - Gates open at 12pm on Thursday, September 14. - It would be optimal for your experience if you can arrive between 12pm - 4pm. - That said, we understand it’s not possible for everyone so come when you can and we’ll slide you into the flow whenever you do. - For those arriving on Friday, please come to the Camp Walden office (see map) and they will walkie one of us over. - Camp ends at 4pm on Sunday, September 17. - That said, feel free to leave earlier if that’s what feels best for you. - The buses will be leaving Camp by 4 pm on Sunday and arriving in Toronto at the locations you were picked up from.

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- Please arrive between 900 to 930 to load. - The buses are leaving at 10am SHARP and have instructions to not wait. - The West end bus pick up point is 2280 Dundas Street West (in the parking lot around the Loblaws). - The East end bus pick up point is 14 Arundel Ave, Toronto, ON M4K 3A2, which is right across the road from Chester subway station. - The bus ride is 4 hours inclusive of one break midway through. This is not a meal break so please pack a lunch and snacks. - There is a bathroom on the bus. - You will loose cell phone reception/data about an hour before you get to Camp so take care of your goodbyes before then. - Space on the bus is VERY limited so at most, you should have: 1) ONE bag 2) A knapsack 3) A sleeping bag and pillow 4) A tent if you’re tenting

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Camp Walden Camp Site 38483 Hwy. 28 (R.R. #2) Palmer Rapids,ON K0J 2E0 GPSLat: 45.2 Lon: -77.44 . - Our first meal is at 6:30pm so pack a lunch or grab something on the way. - There is no cell reception the closer you get to camp so download your maps in advance! - Upon arrival, you will be greeted and shown where to park at the front. A team of folks will support you with your luggage and way finding from there. - If you’re arriving Friday, brin your car all the way to the Walden Office and let a staff member know that you've arrived. - Please remember that those organizing do not have cell phones or vehicles so we will do our best to meet you when you arrive as quickly as possible.

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Camp Walden is a traditional overnight summer camp at its core but, they have a unique way of transforming basic camp food into a more elevated experience. They have worked directly with our team to create a custom menu that includes options for everyone! Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner and snacks will be provided each day and prepared by the Camp Walden team. Meals will be eaten family style and there will be vegan, vegetarian, meat and gluten-free options available. For those who have more specific food needs that you shared when you RSVPed, we have provide that info to the Camp Walden Kitchen and you can always double check with our Director of Care if you require more information. You are welcome to bring snacks and other food, which does not require cooking. There are small bar fridges available on site. What a typical breakfast looks like. BREAKFAST All breakfasts consist of a main course and then the following are always included: Hard boiled eggs Fruit Bowl Yogurt & Granola Oatmeal Orange Juice Coffee and Tea Potential main course options include: Scrambled Eggs or Fried Eggs, Hash browns and Bacon or Sausage Pancakes and Maple Syrup Breakfast Buffet including: Bacon or Sausage, Scrambled or Fried Eggs OR Frittata, Hash browns, Assorted Pastries and Muffins, Challah Bread French Toast Casserole LUNCH All lunch meals consist of a main courses (which will always have vegan options) and then the following are always included: Full Salad Bar if indoor meal Soup station if indoor meal Pasta or Garden Salad if outdoor bbq Chips if outdoor bbq Potential main course options include: Gourmet Meat/Vegan Burger BBQ Gourmet Meat/Vegan Sausage BBQ Gourmet Sandwiches and Salads Tacos and Fajitas DINNER All dinner meals consist of main courses (which will always have vegan options) and then the following are always included: Full Salad Bar if indoor meal Soup station if indoor meal Pasta or Garden Salad if outdoor bbq Chips if outdoor bbq Potential main course options include: Mediterranean Platters Variety of different pasta dishes with garlic bread and gluten free options Vegan Stir Fry with rice and roasted vegetables Beef Brisket or Red Wine Chicken with roasted potato and roasted vegetables

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The following are answers to all the questions asked by Campers in the Camp Reset Slack Channel ​- Camp Walden's phone number is 1-888-254-4274. Please provide this number to your loved ones in the event of emergency and communicate that Walden checks their phones 3x a day. - All cabins will have a power source if you require one for your CPAP machines, alarm clocks, blow dryers, etc. - There are fridges you can use on site. - There are personal lockers you can use as well - bring a lock if you want to use one! - You can bring peanut-free snacks to share with others - You should expect that it will be cold at night. Please prepare! - There are places for meditation and reflection but they are not private. - You are not permitted to bring any form of camera to camp, including cameras and polariods - You're welcome to bring your pool floaties - You're welcome to bring a musical instrument with you on the bus - Fire toys are not permitted at Camp. But there will be lots of active fire pits. - If you're coming up on Friday, we highly recommend that you come up for as much of the day as possible but obviously, do you boo! - Polaraid and disposable cameras are NOT allowed. We hope this invites everyone to be more present and alive in their senses. Many of us do have a habit of slowing down and creating word photos as a way to keep and share mental images.

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