Body-love and Movement

Inspiring participants to connect deeply with themselves and others through body and movement, finding presence and freedom to express, release and embody love.


Life is movement. What happens when we choose to move more intentionally, more lovingly, more freely? When we embrace our bodies and their movement as they are? When we let go of how we think we should move and allow the expression of our whole bodies to come through?

Body-love and movement is all about experiencing freedom and growth through curated exercises, activities and discussions. It’s about pushing people outside of their comfort zones in brave and safe spaces so that they can deepen their connection with self,  body and others. Our dream is to help participants leave the weekend having deepened their relationships with their bodies and their freedom to express themselves courageously through movement.


We are looking for...

Track contributors who can offer group experiences, workshops and discussions, as well as activations that focus on body and movement in a way that will help participants grow and experience more freedom. We welcome proposals related to body image, dance, yoga, shaking medicine, sensual movement, martial arts, personal fitness, or other related topics.


Can you share/teach a certain type of dance/movement? Do you know a way to make movement fun, exciting or wild? A way to help people dance with their eyes open (or closed) and LOVE it?  These are just some questions to get your creative juices flowing, the sky’s the limit with body-love and movement.

Track supporters who will be able to help with setting up, coordinating and ensuring the smooth-sailing of body-love/movement-related events at Reset.

If you have any questions, please contact

Can’t wait to hear from you!


Your track leaders are Blue, Gigglebliss, and Salty.



Blue is an ex-fearful-dancer who always wanted to dance but couldn’t muster the courage to do so in an exposed way. After trying out ecstatic dance for the first time, she completely fell in love with this modality and has felt massive shifts in the way she relates to herself, to others, and to her body on and off the dancefloor. This newfound confidence has been spilling over in all aspects of her life and she’s passionate about inspiring others to experience the same type of growth and freedom through body-love and movement.


Gigglebliss is a firm believer in the power of human connection. In fact, it's been her mission in life since she was a little girl, when her favourite game was making eye contact with passing strangers on the street. However, it wasn't until recently that Gigglebliss realized human connection doesn't just happen through words and glances - we can feel it in our bodies and create it through movement! By delving into yoga, ecstatic dance, and even organic farming, Gigglebliss has discovered the physical body as an exciting new pathway to connection, with self and with other. She is stoked to be co-creating the Body-Love and Movement track!


Salty grew up frolicking in fields and forests in a place called Mermaid – in fact, you might say she’s part siren. When inland she enjoys cruising the streets via bicycle, and pretending she’s surfing on the subway.

Life for her is about ebb and flow, and she’s found great joy and growth in movement practices which force her to be fully present – a few favourites are: barefoot walks, spontaneous dance breaks, and yoga.

Her hope is to share the fluidity she’s found through mindful movement with others.

She's into stargazing / soulgazing and can't wait to connect over mutual lust for life!