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Hello Everyone!


If you’re receiving this, it means you purchased tickets to Reset After Dark and we’re very excited to [pop-up] party with you. In advance of the event, we want to let you know some important details.


In accordance with the province’s vaccine certificate program, you are required to provide proof of your 2nd dose (+14 days) at the door to access the building and the patio. Proof can either be the email confirmation you received when you got your second dose or via your vaccine receipts. We will be cross referencing your information with your ID. 

If you do not have your 2 doses (+14 days), you cannot access the building and the patio but you can enjoy the Silent Disco experience via the promenade. The promenade is a public outdoor space right beside the building's patio and open to everyone at the party whether proof of full vaccination has been provided or not.


We are thrilled to share that Vibe will be in attendance! Vibe is a Toronto-based, grass-roots, volunteer-run crew, bringing community care to events. They help promote consent and endeavour to create safer spaces on Toronto dance floors. 

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  • Given that a lot of the party is outdoors, dress for fall [and fun].

  • Masks are mandatory inside, optional outside.

  • There will be food for purchase on site from 7 - 10 provided by a member of the Regent Park Catering Collective, which is a local social enterprise.

  • No alcohol will be provided or sold on site.

  • There is a water fountain - don’t forget to bring your own water bottle.

  • To access your headset, you will be required to leave an ID with the registration team, who will safely hold onto it until you return your headset.

  • If you want to live your best ice cream life, the Lansdowne Cone (right beside the party) will be providing a $1 discount to all attendees until 10pm. Coupon below!

  • The party is on rain or shine! There is a large open-air patio on site that’ll protect you if it rains and a shade structure on the sidewalk. Or if you choose to dance in the rain, we support you and will provide you with a shower cap

  • There’s no coat check on site.


Just last Saturday, several young men were shot in Regent Park and a young community leader - Thane Murray - has tragically passed away. The community is mourning and we have spoken with some community leaders to ask if it was appropriate for us to be hosting a party. We were told that it would appropriate and supportive of the neighbourhood's healing process. We are providing a small batch of tickets to members of the community and while this is an evening of celebration, we ask that you are mindful of the wider experiences around us. If you are interested in learning more about Thane or contributing to his memorial fund, you can do so here.

Thank you and looking forward to seeing you soon!