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From the bottom of our hearts, THANK YOU for making Camp Reset 2023 an unforgettable experience. We want to hear how Camp was for you and would deeply appreciate you taking our short Camper Feedback Survey before September 30th to inform our future work. As we have done before, we will share the results of our evaluation in an anonymous and aggregated way in the Fall along with our final financials. 

If you haven't joined us already on Slack, you're invited to drop in anytime (
invite here), explore it anonymously/privately if you prefer and you can leave at any time.

If it's helpful to know, there is a private channel in Slack to connect with other Campers and other channels where you can connect with the broader Reset community. There
 is also an "Overheard at Reset" channel and a "Community" channel, where you can share invites for all your happenings if you wish. Among the big reasons we opted to lean into Slack is that it’s a great tool for community self-organizing, everything is opt-in and there are many ways to manage notifications to ensure it's not sucking you in like other platforms.

And if you choose not to join it, all good as it's an optional invite and you can sufficiently be "in the know" with everything provided below:

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As mentioned when together, Camp can be an expansive experience and the general trajectory for most involves an initial sense of elation, succeeded by periods of contraction as you reconcile the altered version of yourself with the familiar world. Subsequently, an integration phase follows, which, for some, might extend over several years. 

It's common for individuals to be particularly tough on themselves during the contraction phase. Contraction is a normal response and you're not alone in this. If you’ve contracted, remember that you aren’t the same shape that you were before camp and the world around you is catching up to this reality. Observe the emotions that surface and kindly remind yourselves that whatever your experiencing is an outcome of having reset yourself, while simultaneously establishing fresh boundaries and ways of being.


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You all have at least 2 passes in your Wellness Living (the platform you purchased your ticket from) account to join us at the Reset Centre located at 634 Vaughan Road. The Centre is an ongoing pilot project for anyone who wants to continue to practice play, rest and digital detoxing. Think of it as an extension of Camp but instead of being spread across 400 acres, it's in an old convenient store. There are places to be, eat, plounge, sauna, forest bath, play and more. 

And yes, it is a place where many folks choose to work. It did not start that way, but early in our pilot, many folks in the Reset and local expressed this need. At first we found this counterintuitive but then realized that this was an opportunity to break down the binary of work and play and explore the question "what if work was more playful?" By doing so, we hope to contribute to the growing movement of people and organizations who are challenging the status quo of work.   

Your passes are valid until the end of October (previously it was September) and you can book your passes here.


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The Reset Centre is open this week from Monday - Friday from 9am - 6pm exclusively for those who camp to Camp.


If you’d like to come through to decompress, journal, integrate, work, sauna, dance, rest, talk, hug, nap, lounge, hamock, and of course, play, some of us will be here. The vibe will be chill, intimate and slow and for those that come this week, it will NOT require you to use your passes you received when you purchased your camp tickets. We really want to ensure there are as few barriers as possible to support your integration as best as possible. Feel free to just show up, whenever and for however long you want. 

This Friday, September 22nd from 6 - 10, we’ll be hosting a hang at the Centre for anyone who wants to gather. You can do all the things listed above and there will be an optional collective-journalling and storytelling experience at 7:30 pm. No RSVP required and free.

Our second annual Camp reunion - Afterglow is happening on October 14th at the Reset Centre. We’ll send out some more details soon but in the meantime, block off your calendar!

Starting in October, we'll also be introducing a new event Sauna Saturdays - details to be released soon! 


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Since 2015, Reset has been dedicated to tackling the pressing issue of disconnection and we believe our unique experience positions us as an excellent choice for collaborating with organizations on their return-to-office strategies and for those seeking to shift their cultures towards ones that are more caring, connected and creative

You can learn more about how we want to help make your office irresistible by clicking here. Full disclosure, you'll notice the tone and vibe is different on this site (thanks for the assist ChatGPT!) and that's because we've been provided with feedback that this is how we can improve our own access to work cultures and communities. 

In the spirit of asking for what you need, we would love to chat with you or any folks in your network, whether you think we can collaborate or have some observations on how we can do that better with others. In the spirit of being transparent, the Camp and the Centre are not financially viable on their own and we would love to balance all the love capital that they require with financial capital.  

More info in the above link or feel free to reach out to Moonlight ( 


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Sunshine, who hosted the meditation on our final day, is hosting weekly meditations at the Reset Centre [almost] every Wednesday night and Sunday morning Learn more and RSVP Here


Paradox, who hosted Poetry Play at Camp, will be hosting Poetry Play at the Reset Centre on November 11th from 12 - 4. Details will be shared on Slack, Instagram and our Newsletter.


Wolfee, who hosted Contact Improv/Dance at Camp, is hosting the Artist Morning on Zoom every Friday morning, which is a free weekly meditation and journalling group, built specifically for kind creative humans. More details here


French Fry, who has hosted so much over the years, has created The 25 Hour Day Masterclass on Zoom, which is for Neurodivergent folks to increase their productivity without the solution being "work harder and more". Learn more here

Got something you'd like to add for the Community? Feel free to post it in the community Slack channel! 


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We don't have a timeline on when we'll be releasing all the content after Camp but it's likely we'll do iteratively and that we won't rush, especially because we'll want to give extra time to ensuring people's consent preferences are being honoured.

We'll be in touch with more info, on slack and via email but if you have any questions, feel free to reach out to our Director of Story at


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All lost items will be at the Reset Centre until October 15 and thereafter, they will be donated.  

In terms of things we lost and would love to find, we have not ben able to find 5 of our silent disco headphones that we just purchased. They are expensive investments we made for camp and future camps so if you accidentally packed yours, please let us know and we'll find a way to get it back from you. 


Okay that's it folks! If you have questions, feel free to send us an email ( or on slack and we'll do our best to respond soon. 


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